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Gene expression biomarkers as tools to interpret high-throughput transcriptomics data stream

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We are very pleased to invite you to our first webinar for ScitoVation’s 2023 Webinar Series. We are kicking things off with Dr. Chris Corton, Molecular Toxicologist in the Center for Computational Toxicology and Exposure at the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Gene expression biomarkers are becoming increasingly important tools to assess mode of action (MOA), determine benchmark dose, and …

A revolution in mutagenicity testing: exploring the utility of error-corrected next-generation sequencing to quantify and characterize mutations

Amanda Holdan News, Webinars

The second November installment of our webinar series is with Carole Yauk, PhD, University of Ottawa took place on November 29th at 11 ET. Dr. Yauk will explored the utility of error-corrected next-generation sequencing to quantify and characterize mutations.  What you’ll learn:  Introduction to error-corrected next-generation sequencing (ecNGS) and its advantages over conventional approaches in chemical mutagenicity assessment;  Proof of …

New Approach Methodologies for Genetic Toxicity Assessment and Regulatory Evaluation of New and Existing Substances Description

Amanda Holdan News, Webinars

The next installment of our webinar series is with Alexandra Long, PhD, from Health Canada. Alexandra will discuss NAMs as they relate to genetic toxicity. Dr. Long will provide an overview of an integrated, multi-endpoint, higher throughput, in vitro NAM platform, termed GeneTox21, led by Health Canada scientists, for the assessment of chemically induced genetic toxicity. What you’ll learn:  The value …

Andy Nong Joins ScitoVation as Director of Computational Toxicology

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DURHAM, N.C. (PRWEB)July 11, 2022 ScitoVation announced today the new Director of Computational Toxicology, Andy Nong PhD, formerly Health Canada’s Acting Manager of the Exposure and Biomonitoring Division and Principal Research Scientist for the Computational Toxicology Laboratory of the Environmental Health Sciences and Research Bureau. Dr Nong has been developing toxicokinetic and biological modeling research to advance alternative risk assessment …

ScitoVation Nabs Leslie Recio, PhD DABT, as Chief Scientific Officer

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DURHAM, N.C. (PRWEB) APRIL 28, 2022 ScitoVation is pleased to announce Leslie Recio, PhD, DABT, as the new Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Recio was the Chief Scientific Officer and Director of the Genetic and Molecular Toxicology group at ILS. Dr. Recio will help lead the team of Senior Scientists, drive priorities in New Approach Methods and help secure new business ventures. …

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ScitoVation Senior Research Fellow receives 2022 Arnold J. Lehman Award from the Society of Toxicology.

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Posted by Dr. Mel Andersen, Senior Research Fellow, ScitoVation.    ScitoVation is pleased to announce that Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Jeffrey W. Fisher (Jeff) is the recipient of the 2022 Arnold J. Lehman Award from the Society of Toxicology (SOT). SOT is a professional and scholarly organization of scientists from academic institutions, government, and industry with membership from both the …

Applications of Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling in Nanomedicine, Food Safety and Human Health Risk Assessment and Roles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Approaches in these Areas

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In this presentation, Dr. Zhoumeng Lin introduces how we develop physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models of drugs, environmental chemicals and nanoparticles for applications in nanomedicine, food safety, and human health risk assessments. He presents his recent studies to illustrate each application. Dr. Zhoumeng Linalso introduces a new physiological parameter database for PBPK modeling in food-producing animals, including cattle, swine, sheep, …

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Upcoming Book Release: Clinical Pharmacology during Pregnancy, second edition, September 24, 2021 

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by Jeff Fisher   Edited by  Donald Mattison   Lee-Ann Halbert  I was the senior author of one chapter in the newly released textbook, “Clinical Pharmacology During Pregnancy, second edition.”  Coauthors on the original research publications include scientists from the US FDA, Duke University, and Proctor & Gamble Corporation.  The editors were Dr Donald Mattison and Ms. Lee-Ann Halbert.  Dr Mattison, a physician/researcher has been a strong advocate of computational methods in the field of toxicology throughout his distinguished career with a focus …

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New publication investigating mode of action for high-dose effects of 4-methylimidazole

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by Patrick McMullen We are pleased to announce our most recent manuscript, A systematic approach to evaluate plausible modes of actions for mouse lung tumors in mice exposed to 4-methylimidazole, published in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. 4-methylimidazole is a ubiquitous compound present in foods that undergo thermal browning (i.e., Maillard reaction) processes. The work described here—a combined effort of investigators from ScitoVation and ToxStrategies supported by the American Beverage Association—aimed …