Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision

  • Leading the toxicology evolution of next generation NAMs.
  • Become the trusted source in chemical safety & assessment.

Our Mission

To improve human health by helping clients develop safer and more effective pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, agricultural chemicals, commodity chemicals, and consumer products. We are recognized as industry experts in cell-based and computational methods who answer profound questions and provide leading-edge solutions for our clients.

Our Culture

Our guiding principle is Inspiring Trust which means ScitoVation leadership, and all employees will act with honesty, integrity and altruism. We develop strong emotional bonds with our employees, sponsors and vendors based upon a shared sense of goals and values.

Our Values

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Every employee can be relied upon to find creative ways to get things done.

Service Excellence
Every employee delights our clients by providing them with service, solutions, and value beyond their expectations.  We ensure clients are left with happy, memorable, and lasting experiences.

We are driven to achieve extraordinary accomplishments as individuals, as a team, and as a company.  We have a deep and abiding commitment to population health advancement.

Team Player
Our employees collaborate across disciplines to accomplish company goals and to exceed our clients desires.  We mentor younger staff and provide assistance to those who need it.  We go above and beyond what is required to produce sufficient work.

We are able to overcome obstacles to meet our goals.  We have the ability to meet ever-changing deadlines and exceed expectations.  We able to make things happen no matter what.

Our employees follow ethics standards and keep their word.  They honor their commitments to each other and themselves.  We respect the values of others and treat others the way we would want to be treated.