Chemical Manufacturers and Consumer Products


ScitoVation has over 40 years of history partnering with chemical producers and consumer product manufacturers of food ingredients and cosmetic products. We are pioneers in developing methods that are faster, more biologically relevant to humans, and cost less than animal studies. Principals at predecessor organizations (Hamnmer Group) to ScitoVation were key contributors to the National Academy of Sciences report on toxicology in the 21st century.

Through the years of developing new methods and working with these industries on implementation, we offer:

  • Familiarity with a wide range of chemistries: Clients benefit from lessons learned on compounds that may have similar modes of action or safety profiles
  • Tools and methods specifically for the chemical industry: We are likely to be more efficient since we don’t have to reinvent the wheel
  • Data on chemicals
  • Developed relationships in the risk assessment community with regulators, academia and non-government agencies: Given our scientific credence our results are more likely accepted by regulators and other stakeholders.

We are actively working with the risk assessment community to help hasten the adoption of New Apporach Methods (NAMs). To this end, we actively participate with regulators in the development of standards for regulatory submission of NAMs. For example, we are working in committees with HESI on methods for the submission of PBPK models. Our collaboration has already yielded a consensus paper. Other committees and working groups that we are actively working on include transcriptomics, inhalation and genotoxicity.

Examples of success stories with chemical and consumer products:

Submission of a PBPK model to EPA on the evaluation of a class of pesticides (pyrethroids)

Use of NAMs for prioritizing compounds

Understanding mode of action of a food contaminant (acetamide)