Toxicogenomic or Pharmacogenomic Studies

Toxicological or pharmacological effects begin with molecular initiating events. Molecular initiating events under some circumstances lead to apical effects. Liver hypertrophy, post-implantation loss, tumor formation, or other apical effects all can be traced back to molecular changes at the cellular level. This is the basis of etiological frameworks such as the Adverse Outcome Pathway. Toxicogenomics takes advantage of this relationship by probing molecular changes to identify perturbations that relate to apical effects.

By leveraging our expertise in toxicogenomics and risk assessment, ScitoVation uses cutting-edge technologies to help clients inform questions about compound potency and mode of action. The richness of toxicogenomics datasets provides a mechanistic snapshot of potential health effects, increasing confidence in downstream decisions.

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Case Study: Using Transcriptomics To Investigate MoA

Case Study:The Application Of Benchmark Dose To Toxicogenomic Data