by Mel Andersen Comparing bioactivity signatures of compounds can augment classical read across approaches.  The Need for Balanced Regulatory Strategies for PFAS Compounds:  Perfluorooctanoic and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOA and PFOS), two well-studied compounds with a… Read more »

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by Patrick McMullen ScitoVation has a long history of innovation and application of high-content data streams in toxicology. Omics technologies, screening platforms, and high-content imaging can all be used to… Read more »

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by Marjory Moreau As an advocate for PBPK modeling in risk assessment, I want to share with you how PBPK modeling can be used to address vulnerable populations. We all know that individuals won’t respond the same way to chemical… Read more »

Clinical Pharmacology During Pregnancy Book Cover

by Jeff Fisher   Edited by  Donald Mattison   Lee-Ann Halbert  I was the senior author of one chapter in the newly released textbook, “Clinical Pharmacology During Pregnancy, second edition.”  Coauthors on the original research publications include scientists from the US FDA, Duke University,… Read more »

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by Patrick McMullen We are pleased to announce our most recent manuscript, A systematic approach to evaluate plausible modes of actions for mouse lung tumors in mice exposed to 4-methylimidazole, published… Read more »

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KMD allows for design of in-life experiments that are not confounded by non-linear effects, including saturation of absorption processes. This results in a data package that is more easily interpreted… Read more »

Damaged DNA

by Michael Black Carcinogenesis, or the process of transformation of cells to a cancerous state, often is associated with aberrations in messenger RNA splicing. Removal of introns in pre-mRNA is an essential step in normal cell… Read more »

3D heart

by Marjory Moreau Recently I attended  a webinar on “Cardiac toxicity Evaluation with a human tissue-engineered model” by Kareen Coulombe, professor at Brown University. I am still blown away every time I hear Dr. Coulombe… Read more »

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by Dr. Jean Orelien Last year, the US EPA declared they would phase away from animal testing by 2035. Reaching this milestone will require the maturity of the risk assessment… Read more »

representing 3D liver models

by Aarati Ranade Every time we perform an experiment with hepatocytes, I am curious to see how the culture looks over time after plating the cells. I carefully place the cell culture plate under the microscope.… Read more »