Melvin E. Andersen Biomarkers of exposure can be measured at lower and lower levels due to advances in analytical chemistry. Using these highly sensitive methods, some epidemiology studies report associations between plasma and urinary biomarkers… Read more »

Last week, my colleague, Scott Slattery, presented a webinar on in vitro inhalation point-of-contact toxicity testing with vapors. It brought me back to when I started working with Scott last year on this project. As a physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeler, the only time I worked in a lab…

Water pouring into glass

Disinfecting water reduces death by killing waterborne disease. But could the disinfection process also be detrimental to our health?

Using Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling and In vitro to In vivo Extrapolation (IVIVE) in Risk Assessment

Chemical discovery and risk assessment

To kick off a new year and decade, we assessed ScitoVation’s current and prospective positioning in the risk assessment community.  As part of that process, the leadership team reviewed our… Read more »

By Mel Andersen, Ph.D., Senior Program Advisor It’s a grand time to be a toxicologist committed to using non-animal based biological and computational methods to assess the safety of chemicals and chemical products for human populations.  My toxicology career… Read more »

Whether you are a client, prospective client, prospective employee, a partner or general member of the public, thank you for your interest in ScitoVation and for visiting our Internet site.… Read more »

ScitoVation will be attending the 2019 Society of Toxicology (SoT) conference in Baltimore on March 10-14. Visit us at booth 3218 in the exhibit hall, or see one of our… Read more »

Identifying Lowest Dosage where Bioactivity Occurs and Mode of Action ScitoVation is pleased to introduce the ScitoXpress™ package, enabling us to conduct in vitro transcriptomics studies on client compounds to… Read more »