Our Story

We are a contract research organization that helps clients assess chemical compound safety using innovative science, next-generation technology, and professional expertise. We are known for partnership, flexibility, and proven success in our work to develop safer and more effective pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, agricultural chemicals, commodity chemicals, and consumer products. Being recognized as industry experts in the use of New Approach Methods (NAMs) who have pioneered cell-based and computational methods to provide leading-edge solutions, our results are scientifically sound and withstand scrutiny, including from peer-reviewers and regulators.
At the frontline of next generation risk assessment (NGRA), ScitoVation investigates complex issues, such as chemical modes of action, animal to human exposure extrapolation, and the use of genetic expression and sequencing data to ascertain toxicity. We have innovative people and tools to develop customized cell-based assays to determine safety, model chemical disposition in the body, and analyze and interpret genetic data. Our solutions save our clients time and money by bringing their products to market faster.