ScitoVation is the premier startup company for scientists who want to explore cutting-edge research and make a significant impact in the toxicology industry. You will be part of a highly-sought-after team of thought leaders and collaborators who are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to assess the safety of chemicals and products. Our team is driven by using the best science in chemical safety to improve risk assessment and decision making for clients. We are also at the forefront of developing next generation new approach methodologies (NAMs) and spearhead the efforts required to get key-stakeholder buy in ranging from regulatory bodies to pharma organizations. It’s an exciting time to join our organization with many companies prioritizing Next Generation Risk Assessment and few that deliver on its requirements. With a vision of being THE trusted source in chemical safety & assessment – while elevating human and environmental health and well-being, do you have what it takes to join our team and make your mark?

Open Positions

Computational Toxicologist

As a Computational Toxicologist, you will be responsible for developing groundbreaking research to achieve this mission. Your expertise in physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling and scientific programming will advance the science in non-animal toxicology testing. You will help our partners leverage bioinformatics, computational biology, cheminformatics, pharmacokinetic modeling, and data science to advance their research programs and their product stewardship goals. Your collaborations with our in vitro assay development team will create creative, integrative approaches to chemical safety testing in a research environment that is truly unique.
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Please send resumes to: Human Resources