NAM-Driven Computational Pipelines for Safety and Regulatory Framework

Amanda Holdan News, Webinars

Andy Nong, PhD, ScitoVation’s Director of Computational Toxicology, is our guest speaker for this exciting webinar and new product announcement.  Andy will share different computational pipelines that can complement a tier assessment approach for various forms of data such as in vitro screening tests or animal studies. What you’ll learn:  How to integrate exposure and toxicity data in a quantitative …

Blue and white helix of DNA

Gene expression biomarkers as tools to interpret high-throughput transcriptomics data stream

Amanda Holdan News, Webinars

 We kicked 2023 off strong with our first webinar led by Dr. Chris Corton, Molecular Toxicologist in the Center for Computational Toxicology and Exposure at the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Gene expression biomarkers are becoming increasingly important tools to assess mode of action (MOA), determine benchmark dose, and define point of departure for risk assessment. We welcomed Chris to …