Towards translating in vitro measures of thyroid hormone system disruption to in vivo responses in the pregnant rat via a biologically based dose response (BBDR) model

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Jeffrey Fisher (a,*), Conrad Housand (b) David Mattie (c), Andy Nong (a), Marjory Moreau (a), Mary Gilbert (d) (a) ScitoVation, LLC, Research Triangle Park, NC 27713, USA (b) Magnolia Sciences, Winter Springs, FL, United States of America (c) AFRL/711 HPW/RHBAF, WPAFB, OH, United States of America (d) Office of Research and Development, Center for Public Health and Environmental Assessment, US …

Graphic from Moreau et al.

Animal-free assessment of developmental toxicity: Combining PBPK modeling with the ReproTracker assay

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Marjory Moreau (a,*,1), Amer Jamalpoor (b,1,) John Carter Hall (a), Jeffrey Fisher (a), Sabine Hartvelt (b), Giel Hendriks (b), Andy Nong (a), Todor Antonijevic (a) (a) ScitoVation, LLC, Research Triangle Park, NC 27713, USA (b) Toxys, Leiden Bioscience Park, Oegstgeest, the Netherlands   Abstract: in vitro screening platforms to assess teratogenic potential of compounds are emerging rapidly. ReproTracker is a …