Shiloh J. Barfield appointed as Vice President of Global Business Development

September 24, 2019

 ScitoVation, pioneers in chemical safety assessment, and a rapidly growing life sciences solution company based in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, today announced the appointment of Shiloh J. Barfield as Vice President of Global Business Development. As a spin-off from former The CIIT and The Hamner Institutes for Chemical & Drug Safety Sciences, ScitoVation, is poised as an industry leader for New Approach Methods (NAM’s) for chemical/drug discovery & development in the rapidly evolving global regulatory landscape. ScitoVation is positioned to help pave the way for tiered testing strategies for new chemical entities. In his role, Mr. Barfield will help lead the company’s continued growth and expansion and recognized as an industry expert in complex cell-based assays and computational methods, 

“Over the years, I have had the great pleasure of working alongside many of the acclaimed scientists here at ScitoVation and feel so honored to now be an integral part of this wonderful team! ScitoVation’s collaborative reputation marries so nicely with the company-wide mantra focused on deliverables and timelines with our key partners in industry. I am thrilled to working once again in Durham, North Carolina and with such a dynamic team of professionals. Our technology is not only innovative but practical in helping to transform the way NCE’s are discovered and developed.”, said Shiloh Barfield on his hiring. 

“We are happy to have Shiloh Barfield join our team. He brings deep experience in many of the disciplines that support the services that we provide our clients. As VP of Business Development, Shiloh will be instrumental in helping us develop and implement advanced growth strategies,” said Jean Orelien, CEO of ScitoVation. 

About Mr. Shiloh Barfield: 

A decorated Persian Gulf War US Navy Veteran, and former Junior Partner with Orion International Consulting, Mr. Barfield has been instrumental in co-founding and leading several iconic biotechnology companies in the preclinical ADMET space. As VP of Business Development for CellzDirect Inc. (acquired by Invitrogen in 2009), he led unmatched revenue and margin growth in CRO services and hepatic product sales globally with a strong focus on product development and international expansion. He has served as a senior executive and founder for other life sciences industry leaders such as LifeTechnologies (ThermoFisher), Triangle Research Labs (Lonza), Biopredic International and QPS, LLC.