Blue and white helix of DNA

ScitoSimTM is a new PBPK modeling tool. It simulates time-course profiles and external-internal dose metric relationships using a companion library of published models including a generic PBPK model for different species.  ScitoSimTM was developed for all users, not just programmers and well-versed kineticists.

The streamlined app features a simplified interface and standardized reports based on OECD recommendations which allows all users to quickly probe internal dose metrics for the exposure evaluation of substances or quantitively screen molecules using kinetic predictions.

Training in PBPK modeling and using the modeling tool for different exposure and risk assessment situations will also be provided. ScitoVation’s Computational Toxicology team can offer customized models and tabulated or visual outputs for special requests at a cost comparable to consultation fees.

ScitoSimTM will be available soon with a subscription, which also provides more features in simulating advanced scenarios. The Computational Toxicology team is seeking beta testers. Please contact for more information.