ScitoXpress Webinar

What You Will Learn During This Webinar

Why Use Transcriptomics and ScitoXpress™?

With ScitoXpress™, we conduct in vitro transcriptomics studies to help clients determine 1) Points of departure (POD)—the lowest dosage at which bioactivity occurs—and 2) Potential modes of action (MoA) based on the subsets of genes that are expressed at various doses.
Both POD and MoA can be inferred based on changes in gene expression in response to exposure to a chemical. Thus, dose-response changes in gene expression are likely to be observed at lower doses compared to endpoints such as disease or tumors that would be observed in in vivo studies.

Possible Applications    

Possible applications of the ScitoXpress™ package are as a screening tool for compound bioactivity or to identify possible modes of action. 

ScitoXpress™ Package Offers Additional Value

  • Guiding additional studies: The information can be used for guiding additional studies including study design and possible endpoints or organs of interest. This saves clients both time and money.
  • Our experience in analyzing data from transcriptomics studies: ScitoVation brings a wealth and depth of expertise in analyzing these data. Once these methods are widely adopted, this increases the possibility of acceptance of the interpretation of our results by our peers, including regulators.
  • Consistent with approach pursued by U.S. EPA: Similar methods used are currently under adoption by U.S. EPA in their High Throughput Transcriptomics Concentration-Response Screening (HTTr) program using high throughput transcriptomic count data (BioSpyder TempO-Seq) from in vitro whole transcriptomic arrays.

If you have any questions about the webinar, please contact Jake Siar, VP of Business Development at or call 919.800.1740. You can schedule a meeting with him here.