Dec. 8 Webinar – Identifying Emerging Chemicals of Concern: Tools and Strategies

December 7, 2020

Join ScitoVation’s Director of Computational Toxicology, Patrick McMullen, at this joint webinar on Dec. 8 at 1pm EST as he and panelists from Gradient and Praedicat explore tools and strategies for identifying emerging chemicals of concern. 

Identifying Emerging Chemicals of Concern: Tools and Strategies

Chemicals in consumer and industrial goods are being scrutinized like never before. Rapidly developing information, in combination with increased regulatory and retailer initiatives to promote chemical safety, has led to increased scrutiny in chemical ingredients on the market. Failure of a company to fully evaluate developing toxicity information for its chemical portfolio may lead to unexpected “toxicity surprises” that can cause—in addition to possible environmental and health implications—business disruptions, declines in brand value, and product liability claims. At the same time, closely monitoring these data allows a company to build a plan that demonstrates a proactive commitment to product stewardship.

In this webinar we will help audiences understand new tools that are available to make informed decisions about ingredient selection by identifying and evaluating potential chemicals of concern. Such activities will mitigate business risk and are integral to a proactive approach to product stewardship.