ScitoVation Nabs Leslie Recio, PhD DABT, as Chief Scientific Officer

April 28, 2022

ScitoVation is pleased to announce Leslie Recio, PhD, DABT, as the new Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Recio was the Chief Scientific Officer and Director of the Genetic and Molecular Toxicology group at ILS. Dr. Recio will help lead the team of Senior Scientists, drive priorities in New Approach Methods and help secure new business ventures.

Dr. Recio has over 30 years of experience in toxicology research in the areas of mutagenesis, toxicogenomics, and regulatory genotoxicity assessments. His research program has included studies using primary and immortalized rodent and human cell lines, transgenic rodent models, and molecular genetic approaches to examine mechanisms and identify biomarkers of cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, and mutagenicity at the molecular, cellular, and animal level. His research program focused on mode-of-action and the development of data useful for benchmark dose analysis to derive point of departure estimates used in risk assessments. More recently Dr. Recio has been committed to developing New Approach Methods to replace or reduce the reliance on animal testing by developing genotoxicity assessments in human hepatocyte models. In collaboration with MIT (Dr. Bevin Engelward) and U of Ottawa (Dr. Carole Yauk), he developed a human-relevant genotoxicity testing platform using metabolically competent human hepatocytes integrated with rapid detection of genotoxicity and mode-of-action based genomic profiling.

Dr. Recio is pleased to join ScitoVation and focus more on New Approach Methods. He explained, “I am very excited to become part of the ScitoVation team known for its scientific excellence and to lead ScitoVation in developing new alternative methodologies (NAM) to reduce, refine and replace the use of animals in toxicology with non-animal human-relevant biological systems. At ScitoVation we have a unique team with the skill sets to integrate NAMs with computational dosimetry tools to derive accurate risk assessments without the use of animals.”

The Scitovation team is pleased to have Dr. Recio on board. Dr. Jean (Sammy) Orelien, CEO at ScitoVation, shared that Dr. Recio joining the team raises ScitoVation’s visibility as a pioneer in New Approach Methods. “Hiring Les demonstrates our commitment to continued leadership in developing and promoting new approach methods. I am also looking forward to working with him.”

Dr. Recio officially began his new role on April 18th, 2022.

Additional Background on Dr. Recio:

Dr. Recio obtained his B.S. in Microbiology and M.S. and Ph.D. in Toxicology from the University of Kentucky and has been Diplomat of the American Board of Toxicology (DABT) since 1998. Dr Recio is internationally recognized for his expertise in regulatory genetic toxicology, research in genetic and molecular toxicology and mode-of-action assessment using genomic technologies. He has served on the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Genetic Toxicology Expert Working Group since 2014. Dr. Recio was the Principal Investigator for the National Toxicology Program (NTP) genetic toxicology testing for more than 17 yrs. In this role, Dr. Recio oversaw genotoxicity assessments of NTP test compounds in a battery of genetic toxicology assays following international regulatory testing guidelines.

Dr. Recio was appointed to the editorial boards of Mutagenesis, Toxicological Sciences and Mutation Research Reviews. He was appointed as an Associate Editor for Toxicological Sciences from 2016-2019. He is a member of several scientific societies, including the Environmental Mutagen Society, the Society of Toxicology, and the Genetics and Environmental Mutagenesis Society, and has served several elected leadership positions, including GEMS President, President of the SOT Hispanic Organization of Toxicologists special interest group, and Council Member for the North Carolina Chapter of the Society of Toxicology.

About ScitoVation:

ScitoVation helps clients develop safer and more effective pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, agricultural chemicals, commodity chemicals, and consumer products using innovative science and next generation technology.  The company is known for partnership, flexibility, and proven success in assisting clients to address safety and effectiveness for both internal stakeholders and regulators. Recognized as industry experts in the use of New Approach Methods (NAMs), the team pioneered cell-based and computational methods to provide leading-edge solutions with results that are scientifically sound and withstand scrutiny, including from peer-reviewers and regulators.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Leslie Recio’s extensive experience in toxicology research and commitment to New Approach Methods (NAM) will strengthen ScitoVation’s position as a pioneer in developing and promoting alternative methodologies that reduce reliance on animal testing and focus on human-relevant biological systems.
  • Dr. Leslie Recio’s appointment as Chief Scientific Officer marks a significant milestone for ScitoVation, driving research and development initiatives, fostering innovation, and ensuring the creation of novel products and technologies that address critical needs in toxicology and risk assessment, ultimately benefiting public health and safety.
  • ScitoVation’s dedication to enhancing public health and safety is evident through its innovative solutions in toxicology and risk assessment, close collaboration with regulatory agencies, and commitment to providing essential tools, databases, and consulting services that enable informed decision-making and adherence to the highest safety and effectiveness standards for chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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The Impact Of Dr. Leslie Recio’s Appointment On Scitovation’s Research And Development Efforts

An important turning point for ScitoVation has been reached with the appointment of Dr. Leslie Recio as Chief Scientific Officer. His extensive expertise in toxicology and regulatory science positions him as an ideal leader for ScitoVation’s research and development initiatives, fostering scientific innovation within the organization.

In his role as Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Recio will oversee the entirety of ScitoVation’s scientific strategy, encompassing research and development, regulatory engagement, and product innovation. 

Collaborating closely with the company’s scientists and researchers, he will spearhead the creation of novel products and technologies addressing critical needs in toxicology and risk assessment.

Under Dr. Recio’s leadership, ScitoVation’s research and development efforts are anticipated to flourish, leading to innovative solutions that enhance public health and safety. 

His profound understanding of toxicology and regulatory science will also enable the company to navigate the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring that its products adhere to the highest safety and effectiveness standards.

Scitovation’s Commitment To Advancing Toxicology And Risk Assessment 

ScitoVation is a leading company providing cutting-edge solutions in toxicology and risk assessment. Dedicated to enhancing public health and safety, the firm delivers accurate and reliable information on the safety and efficacy of chemicals and medicines.

ScitoVation’s approach to toxicology and risk assessment is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the intricate scientific and regulatory challenges inherent in determining the safety and effectiveness of chemicals and drugs. 

Our scientists and researchers collaborate closely with regulatory agencies and other partners to devise innovative, safe, and effective solutions.

Our software tools and databases equip scientists and researchers with essential information for informed decision-making regarding the safety and efficacy of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. 

Additionally, we provide consulting services to guide clients through the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring their products meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.


What is ScitoVation?

ScitoVation is a preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) offering toxicology and pharmacology services to a diverse clientele, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical sectors.

What is the role of a Chief Scientific Officer?

A Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) spearheads a company’s scientific research and development endeavors. Key responsibilities encompass guiding research strategy, supervising research projects and teams, pinpointing opportunities for expansion, and guaranteeing the alignment of scientific efforts with the company’s overarching objectives.

What does the appointment of Leslie Recio as CSO mean for ScitoVation?

Dr. Leslie Recio’s appointment as CSO signifies a momentous hire for ScitoVation, given her extensive background in toxicology and scientific leadership. Her proficiency will be instrumental in facilitating ScitoVation’s ongoing growth in services and capabilities within the preclinical research arena.

How will Leslie Recio’s expertise benefit ScitoVation’s clients?

Dr. Leslie Recio’s expertise offers ScitoVation’s clients the advantage of working with a seasoned toxicologist who can navigate the preclinical development process. 

Her insights and leadership are essential in assisting clients with informed decision-making regarding their drug development programs, and in guaranteeing compliance with pertinent regulatory standards.