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We help clients assess chemical compound safety to develop safer and more effective pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, agricultural chemicals, commodity chemicals, and consumer products. At the frontline of next generation risk assessment (NGRA), we develop customized cell-based assays to determine safety, model chemical disposition in the body, and analyze and interpret genetic data. Our solutions save our clients time and money by bringing their products to market faster.

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You are cordially invited to our final 2021 webinar installment on December 7, at 11am ET. In this presentation, Dr. Zhoumeng Lin will introduce how we develop physiologically based pharmacokinetic… Read more »

Dr. Kannan Krishna, Chief of the Air and Site Assessment and Climate indicators Branch (ASACIB) at the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) of California Environmental Protection Agency, will… Read more »

Featured Offering

ScitoVation and BioSpyder are excited to introduce our new transcriptomics analysis package, ScitoXpress™. ScitoXpress™ provides important information about points of departure (POD) and potential modes of action (MoA) for our clients’ compounds. ScitoXpress™ characterizes chemical risk cost-efficiently and rapidly.

Because changes in gene expression precede changes in phenotype, a robust transcriptomics package like ScitoXpress™ can provide answers at lower doses compared to disease or tumor endpoints are typical used in in vivo studies. ScitoXpress™ offers the additional advantages of:

  • Providing utility in guiding additional studies, resulting in cost- and time-savings
  • Being based on a rigorous scientific approach, applied by experts
  • Having the support of U.S. EPA


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By combining modern biological and computational methods, we help our clients develop safer and more effective pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, agricultural chemicals, commodity chemicals and consumer products.


by Mel Andersen Comparing bioactivity signatures of compounds can augment classical read across approaches.  The Need for Balanced Regulatory Strategies for PFAS Compounds:  Perfluorooctanoic and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOA and PFOS), two well-studied compounds with a… Read more »

by Patrick McMullen ScitoVation has a long history of innovation and application of high-content data streams in toxicology. Omics technologies, screening platforms, and high-content imaging can all be used to… Read more »

by Marjory Moreau As an advocate for PBPK modeling in risk assessment, I want to share with you how PBPK modeling can be used to address vulnerable populations. We all know that individuals won’t respond the same way to chemical… Read more »