The 2nd ATTi 2020 Webinar Was a Great Success!

September 28, 2020

Our 2nd ATTi 2020 webinar, “Use of differential gene expression analysis, pathway enrichment, visualization tools and bioinformatics resources to infer modes-of-action (MOAs),” was a huge success, thank you to all who attended.

The session, led by Scitovation’s Senior Program Advisor, Melvin (Mel) Andersen, PhD, DABT, reviewed approaches and research related to MOA’s and featured a question and answer session with Dr. Andersen afterward.

The first Advancement of Transcriptomics in Toxicologoly Initiative (ATTi) strives to help proliferate broader industrial applications and acceptance of transcriptomics approaches in chemical safety decision making, regulatory affairs, and product stewardship.  

Click below to participate in this very exciting initiative to help us all to further advance the field of toxicogenomics and next generation risk assessment! More sessions are to come!

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