Coming to the ICCA-LRI workshop (Ottawa, June 20-21)?

May 1, 2018

Join us for an optional training course on the Population Life-Course Exposure to Health Effects Model (PLETHEM) framework


Population Lifecourse Exposure-To-Health-Effects Model (PLETHEM) is a modeling platformed developed by us with funding from the American Chemistry Council and under a Memorandum of Understanding with EPA-NCCT.

PLETHEM is now available as an open source R package


  • rapidPBPK model – A generic 11 compartment diffusion limited PBPK model
  • HT-IVIVE model – High-throughput IVIVE model for extrapolating in-vitro measured point of departure to equivalent exposures.
  • IVIVE model – In-vitro to In-vivo extrapolation model for extrapolating in-vitro measured metabolism values to predicted in-vivo values
  • Ability to model population variability
  • Age dependent databases of physiological and metabolism parameters
  • Large library of chemicals and ability to import new chemicals
  • QSAR models for estimating partition coefficient

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