Join ScitoVation’s Collaborative Partnering Program

ScitoVation is seeking to engage with consultants whose clients can benefit from our expertise in using cell-based and computational methods to assess the safety of chemical compounds. To facilitate this engagement, we are launching a Collaborative Partnering Program (CPP) designed to engage industry consultants to promote the use of 21st century safety assessment methods and new alternative methods (NAMSs) with their clients. In this win-win arrangement, consultants work with a leader in in vitro and in silico safety assessment methods and the relationship between ScitoVation and the consultant allows seamless delivery to joint clients.

Why Should you Participate in the ScitoVation CPP?

  • The opportunity to work with a multi-disciplinary team of scientific leaders in in vitro and in silico methods for safety assessment
  • Possibility to work collaboratively to support top tier clients
  • Enhance the range of laboratory and bioinformatic services you can offer to clients
  • Financial advantages for both partners:
    • Consultants increase business because of the broader services offered and incentives from ScitoVation for bringing new projects
    • Clients create more efficient workflow with seamless collaboration of consultant services, access to ScitoVation skill sets and preferred pricing

Why Clients Choose ScitoVation

  • ScitoVation provides clients with the technical expertise, and technology to understand how chemical compounds may affect human health
  • Our clients benefit from our multi-disciplinary expertise in cell-based and computational methods to assess the safety and efficacy of chemical compounds—reducing the time to market and minimizing related risks for our clients
  • We help clients address financial and regulatory considerations, saving time and development costs
  • We help our clients understand and address requirements of the EPA Strategic Plan for NAMs to promote the development and implementation of alternative test methods
  • Our scientific staff is world renowned, offering clients decades of experience and scientific visibility in chemical safety assessment
  • ScitoVation has a history of serving top tier clients

How ScitoVation’s Collaborative Partnering Program works

  • The company engages directly with independent industry consultants to augment its internal Business Development function
  • Consultants will work with the VP of Business Development and senior scientific leadership to develop a plan to expand the reach of ScitoVation’s industry leading scientific services
  • The company’s scientific leaders will work with CPP consultants to ensure they have an adequate understanding of the business, its background and current service offerings

The Relationship

  • The relationship between ScitoVation and its CPP consultants is independent and not an employer/employee arrangement
  • Consultants do not represent ScitoVation but rather make introductions to companies and individuals involved in the testing of chemicals
  • The company’s scientists will provide technical support for consultants during the business development process
  • Consultants will share in client revenue as generated
  • Consultants may pass along their portion of the revenue share to the client if they wish