Cosmetics Industry

Do you need a partner who can conduct the type of ingredient testing that meets your standards? Are you positioning your cosmetics as cruelty-free?

Are you a successful cosmetic company struggling to get new cosmetics to market quickly and avoid costly, time consuming, and problematic animal testing? Do you need an efficient and effective way to test new ingredients WITHOUT problematic animal testing using alternative, 21st century solutions?

Say hello to ScitoVation. Pioneers in chemical safety assessment

We offer an array of computer and cell-based methodologies that can help you maintain your commitment to cruelty-free product testing, as well as save you time and money.

At ScitoVation, our work starts early in your pipeline, before ideas become products subject to regulatory involvement. Say you have a list of 300 chemicals you’re considering that could make cosmetic pigments more attractive, safer, and stable. We narrow your list by removing the problems.

Our computational group starts with an initial software assessment. New chemicals that are similar to known problems are flagged early. We take the remaining chemicals and do toxicity testing. On cells, not in live animals.

We’ve done it for some of the largest cosmetic firms in the world, and a myriad of chemical companies.

We’ve saved them years of effort.

And millions of dollars.

We can do it for you. To learn more, watch our two-minute video to provide an overview or call Shiloh at 919-771-6270 for more information.