Research and Publications

  • J Klapacz, LH Pottenger, BP Engelward, CD Heinen, GE Johnson, RA Clewell, PL Carmichael, Y Adeleye, and ME Andersen. Contributions of DNA repair and damage response pathways to the non-linear genotoxic responses of alkylating agents. Mutat Res Rev Mutat Res 767 : 77-91 (Dec 2, 2015). [pubmed] [upload pdf] -->
  • Q Zhang, S Bhattacharya, J Pi, RA Clewell, PL Carmichael, and ME Andersen. Adaptive Posttranslational Control in Cellular Stress Response Pathways and Its Relationship to Toxicity Testing and Safety Assessment. Toxicol. Sci. 147 (2) : 302-16 (Oct 1, 2015). [pubmed] [upload pdf] -->