High throughput In Vitro Assays Enable Early Safety Decisions and Prioritize Compounds for Further Testing and Validation

ScitoVation’s custom in vitro approach consists of developing fit-for-purpose assays in species-specific, biologically relevant models. We partner with each client to determine the appropriate model and level of complexity necessary to test their compounds of interest, and our capabilities range from simpler high throughput assays to complex, organotypic, 3D models.

Our solutions help clients achieve the following:

 • Identify target patient populations

• Reduce unexpected patient toxicity in clinical trials

• Determine downstream effects • Increase the effective drug development pipeline

• Reduce time-to-market

Our custom approach considers properties of the compound

• Use • Potential exposure • Hypothesis on MOA • Endpoints of interest • A priori concerns based on experience and knowledge of compound types

Our custom approach considers various effects of interest

• Off-target effects • MOA • Syndrome drug responsiveness • Molecular and cellular phenotypes • Dose-response and human equivalent dose • Toxicity • Potency • Efficacy