Who We Serve Our customers and clients

We help clients assess the efficacy and safety of compounds using human cells and computational models.

There is an increasing need for these methods because of ethical, intellectual, financial, and legal considerations in using animals studies to anchor safety assessments. As the safety assessment environment evolves, we provide our clients a multi-disciplinary team of scientists to address challenges in human health science.

Our team is recognized as leaders in cell-based science and computational models, and our access to knowledge, methods, and tools such as software developed through more than $300M of investments in the last 35 years is unlikely to be matched by other competitors.

Our multidisciplinary team uses robust business processes to leverage expertise in chemistry, molecular biology, toxicology, chemical engineering, and bioinformatics to apply innovative systems biology approaches to human health research. We make our mark in our industry and among peers by helping people better understand how chemicals affect human health through cell-based and computational approaches.

We develop strategies and methods for toxicity and efficacy testing using human cell-based assays and computational modeling. By combining these modern biological and computational methods, we help our clients develop safer and more effective pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, agricultural chemicals, commodity chemicals and consumer products.