Research and Publications

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  • RA Clewell, JJ Kremer, CC Williams, JL Campbell, ME Andersen, and SJ Borghoff. Tissue exposures to free and glucuronidated monobutylyphthalate in the pregnant and fetal rat following exposure to di-n-butylphthalate: evaluation with a PBPK model. Toxicol. Sci. 103 (2) : 241-59 (Jun 15, 2008). [pubmed] [pdf]
  • RA Clewell, EA Merrill, JM Gearhart, PJ Robinson, TR Sterner, DR Mattie, and HJ Clewell. Perchlorate and radioiodide kinetics across life stages in the human: using PBPK models to predict dosimetry and thyroid inhibition and sensitive subpopulations based on developmental stage. J. Toxicol. Environ. Health Part A 70 (5) : 408-28 (Mar 1, 2007). [pubmed] [pdf]