Research and Publications

  • V Soldatow, RC Peffer, OJ Trask, DE Cowie, ME Andersen, E LeCluyse, and C Deisenroth. Development of an in vitro high content imaging assay for quantitative assessment of CAR-dependent mouse, rat, and human primary hepatocyte proliferation. Toxicol In Vitro 36 : 224-37 (Oct 12, 2016). [pubmed] [pdf]
  • OJ Trask, and PA Johnston. Standardization of high content imaging and informatics. Assay Drug Dev Technol 13 (7) : 341-6 (Sep 1, 2015). [pubmed] [upload pdf] -->
  • OT Suzuki, A Frick, BB Parks, OJ Trask, N Butz, B Steffy, E Chan, DK Scoville, E Healy, C Benton, PE McQuaid, RS Thomas, and T Wiltshire. A cellular genetics approach identifies gene-drug interactions and pinpoints drug toxicity pathway nodes. Front Genet 5 : 272 (Aug 29, 2014). [pubmed] [pdf]