Research and Publications

  • A Kleensang, MM Vantangoli, S Odwin-DaCosta, ME Andersen, K Boekelheide, M Bouhifd, AJ Fornace, HH Li, CB Livi, S Madnick, A Maertens, M Rosenberg, JD Yager, L Zhaog, and T Hartung. Genetic variability in a frozen batch of MCF-7 cells invisible in routine authentication affecting cell function. Sci Rep 6 : 28994 (Jul 26, 2016). [pubmed] [pdf]
  • RA Fasani, CB Livi, DR Choudhury, A Kleensang, M Bouhifd, SN Pendse, PD McMullen, ME Andersen, T Hartung, and M Rosenberg. The Human Toxome Collaboratorium: A Shared Environment for Multi-Omic Computational Collaboration within a Consortium. Front Pharmacol 6 : 322 (Feb 17, 2015). [pubmed] [upload pdf] -->