Research and Publications

  • EJ Gralla, AG Agostinelli, AB Russfield, and E Folsch. Animal model of spontaneous neoplasia based on lymph and cells collected from thoracic duct of normal dogs and dogs with malignant lymphoma. Lab. Anim. Sci. 27 (5 Pt 2) : 866-78 (Oct 1, 1977). [pubmed] [upload pdf] -->
  • EJ Gralla, RW Fleischman, YK Luthra, M Hagopian, JR Baker, H Esber, and W Marcus. Toxic effects of hexachlorobenzene after daily administration to beagle dogs for one year. Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 40 (2) : 227-39 (May 1, 1977). [pubmed] [upload pdf] -->