Population Lifecourse Exposure-To-Health-Effects Model (PLETHEM) is a modeling platformed developed by us with funding from the American Chemistry Council and under a Memorandum of Understanding with EPA-NCCT.

PLETHEM is now available as an open source R package


  • rapidPBPK model – A generic 11 compartment diffusion limited PBPK model
  • HT-IVIVE model – High-throughput IVIVE model for extrapolating in-vitro measured point of departure to equivalent exposures.
  • IVIVE model – In-vitro to In-vivo extrapolation model for extrapolating in-vitro measured metabolism values to predicted in-vivo values
  • Ability to model population variability
  • Age dependent databases of physiological and metabolism parameters
  • Large library of chemicals and ability to import new chemicals
  • QSAR models for estimating partition coefficient

Download PLETHEM from our GitHub or BitBucket repositories

We are also developing a commercial version, PLETHEM PRO,  which is designed for high throughput and complex modeling applications. 

Contact us for more information on PLETHEM PRO

Workflow for PBPK modeling within PLETHEM

Plethem Workflow













User interfaces for doing PBPK models allows the user to define Exposure, Chemical, Physiological and Metabolism datasets. These datasets form the building blocks for simulations. All the datasets and the simulations created from them are stored as a file that can be loaded on PLETHEM installed on any other machine. Similar set of interfaces also allow users to incorporate population level variability in the models.